Heritage Honey Bundle

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You can't miss out on these award winning, organic certified Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey. Leatherwood Honey are known for their healing and antibacterial properties, perfect for spreading on toast, baking and in drinks. Leatherwood honey is unique to Tasmania, has a spicy and distinctive flavour and a wonderful aroma. 

This bundle includes an original 250g Leatherwood Honey and 250g Soft Set Leatherwood Honey.

Soft Set Honey has had the granulation process interrupted by stirring, so the chains of crystals are broken up and the honey remains spreadable and soft.

世界上獨一無二的只有塔斯曼尼亞擁有的革木蜂蜜 (Leatherwood Honey) 從澳洲獲取有機認證,革木(Leatherwood)本身具有獨特的味道和美妙的香氣,其生產的蜂蜜有著癒合和抗菌性功效,而且也非常適用於烤麵包;烘烤和飲料中。

此包裝共包括2支蜂蜜分別是 250g Leatherwood Honey和250g Soft Set Leatherwood Honey。